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Risotto with Shell and Spider Crabs

– for 4 persons
– preparation time: 60 minutes

Put the thoroughly cleaned and washed shells into an appropriate pot with warmed oil, cover it and stew until they open. Take the meat out of the shells, and save the sauce for the broth.

Clean the shrimps, take the tails apart, take out the meat, and cook the broth out of the shell shield, the heads, the shells’ sauce and the aromatic vegetables. Wash and rinse the rice and half stew it with a whole onion.

Fry the chopped onion on olive oil, and when it turns golden add the tiny chopped garlic, parsley, tomatoes, crab and shell lean, and a few whole shells. Shortly stew all and add rice, wine and the broth – so that the liquid eaches two fingers above the rice.

Stew all on low heat until the rice is tender and add lemon juice, pepper and salt. Serve grated cheese separately.

•    120 g of pure razor-shell lean
•    150 g of mussels
•    120 g of clams
•    150 g of shrimps
•    200 g of rice
•    100 g of tomatoes
•    100 g of onions
•    20 g of garlic
•    0,6 dl of olive oil
•    1 dl of white wine
•    20 g of parsley
•    40 g of cheese
•    Aromatic vegetables (carrot, parsley, celery)
•    ½ lemon, salt and pepper to taste

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