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Category: Istrian Specialties and Recipes

Spaghetti with Mussels

– for 4 persons – preparation time: 45 minutes Preparation: Clean and wash the mussels thoroughly, clean and chop the garlic and parsley into tiny pieces. Boil spaghetti in salt […]

Grouper Soup

– for 4 persons: Preparation: Clean, wash and rinse the grouper. Put the oil in a large and shallow pan and fry the chopped parsley and garlic briefly. Then add […]

Istrian Fish Soup

– for 4 persons Preparation: Clean the fish thoroughly, and cut it into pieces if it’s too big. Clean the squids and cuttlefish, and cut them into cubes at a […]

Istrian Jota

– for 4 persons – preparation time: 3-4 hours Pre-preparation: Clean and wash the beans, and then leave them to soak for 12 hours Preparation: Take the beans out of […]

Risotto with Shell and Spider Crabs

– for 4 persons – preparation time: 60 minutes Preparation: Put the thoroughly cleaned and washed shells into an appropriate pot with warmed oil, cover it and stew until they […]

Asparagus with Sausage and Istrian Pršut

– for 4 persons – preparation time: 30 minutes Preparation: Wash and dry the asparagus and chop the softer parts. Slice the sausages into small circles. Take the impurity and […]

Grilled Shrimps

Preparation: Clean and chop the aromatic herbs into little pieces. Wash and dry the shrimps and oil them a bit, scatter with a bit of aromatic herbs and a pinch […]

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