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Visas and Borders


Citizens from EU, Switzerland, Australia, North and South America and many other countries are allowed into Croatia without a visa. You can find basic information about the visa regime between the Republic of Croatia and all other countries on

Everybody who needs a visa must obtain it before entering. You can not do this at any Croatian land border.

Border Formalities

To enter the Republic of Croatia foreign visitors have to possess a valid passport or some other identification document needed for issuing a border pass valid for three months.

More info

  • Diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Croatia abroad or
  • Ministry of foreign affairs and European integrations of the Republic of Croatia: tel: +385 1 4569 964,

Customs Formalities

Foreign visitors can bring into Croatia their personal luggage without limitation. Technical equipment such as cameras, camping equipment, boats and sailing equipment as well as radio receivers have to be declared when entering Croatia.

Customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are harmonized with the standards of E.U. member states, but the value of objects of non-commercial character for personal use allowed to be brought into the country without tax duty or PDV (VAT) is limited to 300 HRK.

  • The permitted amount of meat and milk products, which can be brought in without special veterinary inspection, as well as honey, is limited to 1 kg, while the amount of wine is limited to 5 liters.
  • The foreign and local currency may be freely taken in and out of the country; local currency up to an amount of 15.000 HRK, but any amount brought in or taken out of the country (whether foreign currency or HRK) in an amount exceeding a value of 40,000 HRK, must be declared to the customs officers
  • More valuable professional and technical equipment must be reported at the border. A non-resident can freely bring in and take out cheques in HRK.

Pets which are being imported, or which are travelling through for non-commercial purposes, accompanied by their owner (up to 5 animals: dogs, cats, ferret, birds of all species, rodents and domestic rabbits, invertebrates (except bees and crabs), decorative tropical fishes, reptiles, etc.), will be allowed to enter Republic of Croatia only if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • they have a valid international passport or health certificate (veterinary certificate) in which a licensed veterinarian of the exporting country certifies that the animals in question are healthy and show no symptoms of infectious diseases which must be reported, and that they do not come from an area in which infectious diseases are present and which that particular type of animal can transfer

Dogs, cats, and animals of the marten family must be:

  • marked with a clearly legible tattoo or fitted with a microchip
  • have a passport issued by a licensed veterinarian proving they have been vaccinated or re-vaccinated against rabies.

More info

  • Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and rural development, Veterinary Department, tel.: +385 1 610 6703, 610 6669;

Motor Vehicles

The required documents for vehicles are a proper license, a green insurance card, and an authorization of the owner if he is not the one driving the vehicle.

Boats and Yachts

In order to bring in a boat or a sailing boat for personal use, no special declaration is necessary except a proof of ownership.

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