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Istrian Fish Soup

– for 4 persons

Clean the fish thoroughly, and cut it into pieces if it’s too big. Clean the squids and cuttlefish, and cut them into cubes at a “mouthful” size. Wash the shrimps and leave them whole. Salt everything, pepper it, and sprinkle it with lemon juice and leave it for a little while (marinate it).

Put the tomatoes into boiling water for a few minutes, peal them, take the seeds out and cut them into pieces.  Chop the parsley and garlic into small pieces. Strain the marinated fish, cuttlefish and shrimps, flour it and fry it in heated oil.

When fried, serve in a suitable pot. Strain the oil in which the fish has been fried, add olive oil and fry the onions on it. When the onion turns golden add the tomatoes, parsley, garlic, celery and a laurel leaf. Stew a little and add the mashed tomatoes. Then add water, white wine, vinegar, salt and pepper and boil it.

Sprinkle the prepared sauce over the fish, cuttlefish and shrimps and stew on a very low heat for about one hour. When it is done, sprinkle the fish soup with the remaining parsley and serve with polenta (similar to thick maize porridge).

•    500 g of grouper
•    500 g of conger eel
•    250 g of cuttlefish or squid
•    400 g of shrimps
•    1 dl of olive oil
•    200 g of onion
•    300 g of tomatoes
•    4 slices of garlic
•    1 bundle of parsley
•    1-2 dl of white wine
•    1 spoon of wine vinegar, 1 lemon
•    2 leafs of laurel
•    A rosemary twig
•    A celery twig,  salt and pepper to taste, frying flour

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