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Restaurants and Taverns

In a small tourist village Funtana there are about fifty catering establishments.

Here you can find restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops and bars. Many hearts have been cheered by the abundance and the variety on the table.

People in Istria have always approached the table with respect and the recipes for some meals have been improved and completed through centuries. In Funtana, as lying at the seaside, delicious fish dishes are prepared. Among wines that perfectly match with seafood dishes there are the famous Istrian wines Malvasia and Teran. The meat dishes are not less tasty, particularly the grilled specialties. There is also a stew called žgvacet, which is served with gnocchi or with the well known Istrian home-made pasta called fuži. As the first course we suggest the famous Istrian ham – pršut, as well as sheep’s milk cheese, the omelettes with truffles, wild asparagus or mushrooms.

When visiting Funtana or its surroundings, do not hesitate to drop in one of the numerous taverns and enjoy the flavours of the Istrian cuisine.


NAME Adress Phone e-mail
BUFFET FONTANA Istarska 2a +393394656103
RESTORAN MORE Antice Gašparini 3 +38552445202
RESTORAN ZELENI PARK Ograde 3 +385995102122
KONOBA BARE Kamenarija 4 +38552445193
RESTORAN DELFIN Istarska 5 +385915368497
RESTORAN HISTRIA Istarska 22 +38552445393
RESTORAN IDEAL Istarska 15 +38552445107
RESTORAN MARINA Ribarska 7 +38552445400
RESTORAN OSCAR Istarska 24 +38552445344
RESTORAN RIMINI Istarska 47 +38552445345
RESTORAN RIVA Ribarska 30 +38552445283
RESTORAN ROTONDA 2 Istarska 41 +385958145158
RESTORAN TONIA Ribarska 9 +385981944516
RESTORAN TRI SRCA Istarska 19 +38552445106
RESTORAN ZLATNA SIRENA Istarska 11 +38552445159
KONOBA EL TORO Ribarska 3b +385917523976


Turistička zajednica općine Funtana

Bernarda Borisia 2

HR – 52452 Funtana

Tel. +385 52 445 119


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