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Istrian Jota

– for 4 persons
– preparation time: 3-4 hours

Clean and wash the beans, and then leave them to soak for 12 hours

Take the beans out of the water in which they have been soaking and put them into cold water to boil. When this starts to boil, strain it and put it in clean water. Then add the minced onion and bacon, garlic, a laurel leaf, salt and pepper.

Wash the sour kraut and pork-chops and put it all in warm water to boil separately. Peel the potatoes, wash them and chop into slices, than cook them and add to the beans.

Separate the boiled pork-chops from the bone, slice them and add to the beans. Then add the strained sour kraut, stir it and add the water where the dry meat had been cooking if needed. Salt the jota and add pepper.

•    240 g of sour kraut
•    320 g of potatoes
•    160 g of yellow beans
•    250 g of dry pork-chops
•    20 g of dry bacon
•    40 g of onions
•    20 g of garlic
•    1 laurel leaf
•    salt and pepper to taste

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