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Unspoiled Istrian Nature

Sail out and follow Odyssey’s footsteps along Funtana’s coastline. From the sea the face of Funtana will shine in all its brilliance. Every direction you take scenes of rare Mediterranean beauty will welcome you here.

Istria is a heart-shaped peninsula embraced by hundreds of little islets, cliffs and mild and gentle bays. Its sea is indeed the nearest warm sea for continental Europe.

You may reach the inviting Funtana’s bays, isles and islets by sandal boats or small boats, and become a Robinson, at least for a day.

The woods and meadows surrounding Funtana still hide rabbits and deer, timid squirrels, but also fertile olives, almond, hazelnut and cherry trees. Thousands of flowers blossom on our meadows.

In Funtana’s vicinity there are still some breeders whose stables accommodate proud autochthon cattle – “boškarin” or goats, the feeders. Hither groves are rich with exceptional delicacies – wild asparagus and mushrooms. For all the dear guests who taste them, their flavour will remain an everlasting trademark of Istria and Funtana.

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