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Funtana – Istra

Traktor Story & Konobon Gallery

In an area that served as an intersection for communication and roads ever since, besides the Baredine cave as a natural monument, you can also visit an ethno story devoted to agriculture. It shows various items, machines and numerous photographs and documents closely linked to the history of this area and its people. The story […]

Park Histria Aromatica

Histria Aromatica is situated on a hill near the village Golaš near Bale. It is a spacious arboretum and a kind of theme park about indigenous, healing, aromatic and spicy Mediterranean herbs. Beautiful fields of lavender, mint, chamomile, marigold, sage, as well as the olive grove and vineyard reminiscent of the old rural households which […]

Funtana – A Popular Tourist Destination

Funtana – a popular tourist destination blessed with mild climate, clean sea, and a bathing season that lasts from May to October, only a few hours’ drive from all of the major European capitals.

Pazin, Motovun

FUNTANA – MOTOVUN – BERAM – PAZIN – FUNTANA (100 km) Let’s go to the Istrian hinterlands. There are some thirty kilometres to Motovun via Poreč, and Višnjan (famous for its Observatory), keep it straight and careful across the crossing Pula-Trieste, and in Karojba turn to the left. Motovun is magnificently lifting on a lonely […]

Green Istria

FUNTANA – BUZET – ROČ – HUM – FUNTANA (120 km) Proceed straight forward via Vižinada to Ponte Porton. Turn right to the road that leads through the valley of river Mirna. You can stop for a short rest in Istarske toplice (spa) or Sveti Stjepan which got its name after the church whose remains […]

Baredine Cave

Geomorphological monument of nature Meet the mysterious game of nature that has been created for millennia, far away from daylight and the man’s eye. Visit the underground world of the Baredine cave. This cave is a treasury of stalagmites and stalactites, underground sculptures realized by patient and long lasting work of water. In this way […]


FUNTANA – VRSAR – GRADINA – LIMSKA DRAGA – DVIGRAD – ROVINJ – FUNTANA (90 km) Passing Vrsar and turning left, the road will take you to Velika Stancija, an interesting ancient locality, one of the numerous prehistoric settlements with a beautiful view of the surroundings. Prior to entering a green pass way through the […]


FUNTANA – POREČ – BADERNA – SV. LOVREČ – LIMSKI KANAL – BALE – VODNJAN – PULA -FUNTANA (120 km) On the second traffic light in Poreč turn right towards Baderna. You will be passing by villages of curious names: Varvari, Buići, Musalež, Kadumi, Ladrovići, Žbandaj, Katun… Right before Baderna there is a crossing that […]


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