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Grilled Shrimps

Clean and chop the aromatic herbs into little pieces. Wash and dry the shrimps and oil them a bit, scatter with a bit of aromatic herbs and a pinch of salt. Arrange the shrimps on the grill above the glow and leave them for about 5-6 more minutes, without stirring.

Take the shrimps from the grill and put them in a pan suitable for the stove on high heat, then sprinkle them immediately with 4-5 spoons of warmed brandy.

Flame the shrimps and take the dish to the table immediately, sparkle with the remaining chopped aromatic herbs. Of course, this meal can also be prepared with other kinds of crustacean.

– 20 very fresh shrimps
– a bigger bunch of sweet basil, arum and parsley
– brandy
– olive oil

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