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Asparagus with Sausage and Istrian Pršut

– for 4 persons
– preparation time: 30 minutes

Wash and dry the asparagus and chop the softer parts. Slice the sausages into small circles. Take the impurity and the fats out of the ham (pršut), and then cut it into thin slices, and the thin slices into noodles.

Warm half the oil in an appropriate pot, add the asparagus, salt it and stew with a cover until tender. Fry the sausages and pršut on the other half of the oil, and then add the asparagus and the scrambled eggs.

Salt it, pepper, and scatter parsley all over according to your personal taste. Serve hot.

•    300 g of asparagus
•    120 g of home-made dry sausages
•    120 g of Istrian ham (pršut)
•    0,6 dl of oil
•    4 eggs
•    15 g of parsley
•    salt and pepper to taste

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