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The forth edition of “Funtanjanski gušti / Tastes of Funtana” takes you to an unforgettable story of gastronomy

The Tourist Board of Funtana invites you to the fourth edition of the event “Funtanjanski Gušti”! This gastronomic event, taking place from May 17th to May 26th, 2024, will provide […]

Welcome to Funtana!

From Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon) in the west to Valkanela Bay on the south, what you will see in front of you is the most indented part of the Istrian peninsula…

This is a bird’s eye view of Funtana, a place that grew up over water springs where Nature has choreographed of one of the most playful scenes of…

Free Poreč Riviera Bike Tours: through Poreč Riviera’s coast, forests and picturesque inland

If you love to discover hidden spots while cycling in nature, make sure to try the free cycling tours offered by Riviera Poreč. Ride unbeaten trails or tarmac roads winding […]

Doors wide open

The open gates of Funtana’s private accommodations are overtures to the ode of the good Mediterranean life.

For everyone running after work all year long, trying to keep pace with an ever faster way of life typical of large cities, with thoughts and hands tied to countless…

Gastro – Riviera

Funtana has less than one thousand inhabitants, but almost every house offers private accommodation, or has a tavern, a bar, or a restaurant. The concentration of guest facilities in this […]

Fisherman’s feasts !

While being a major tourist destination, Funtana is still a small village at the seaside where old habits live on, giving it that nostalgic Mediterranean charm, moments when local customs […]

Funtana’s cultural summer: a rich program and top concerts this summer again for all visitors and good music lovers

The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Funtana continues the organization of concerts and events in the church of St. Bernard and at St. Bernard Square.

Lonely Planet – Best in Travel 2021: Community winner is Istria, Croatia

If you’re heading to Croatia, there are few undiscovered secrets left along the Istrian coast, the western landmass that plunges into the Adriatic like a protective heraldic shield. From pastel-powdered […]

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