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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic limitations

On streets: improperly parked vehicles or vehicles parked on forbidden places will be towed away.

Through towns and villages the speed is limited to 50 kilometers per hour.
Driving: the use of seat belts is compulsory, just as the use of dipped car headlights. The use of mobile phones is forbidden.
At the sea: No motor boat speeding or water skiing within 200 meters from the shore.

Public holidays:

1 January – New Year’s Day; 6 January – Epiphany; Easter Sunday & Easter Monday; 1 May – Labour Day; Corpus Christi; 22 June – Anti-Fascist Resistance Day; 25 June – Statehood Day; 5 August – Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day; 15 August – Assumption Day; 8 October – Independence Day; 1 November – All Saints’ Day; 25-26 December – Christmas Holidays

Environmental protection:

Protection of biodiversity complies with valid E.U. regulations. As regards bathing, the sea at the Croatian Adriatic is of high quality, again according to E.U. criteria. In the event of extraordinary environmental pollution on land, please advise Centre 112.

Radio news in foreign languages during the tourist season

Croatian Radio broadcasts on several frequencies programmes in foreign languages designed for tourists in Croatia. A daily programme is broadcast at 20.05h on channel one, in English in a duration of up to 10 min. On channel two of Croatian Radio, along with regular news, HAK provides reports on road conditions in English, German and Italian and, several times each day, information for sailors.
In the summer season, on channel two of Croatian Radio (98.5 Mhz), in addition to the regular news in the Croatian language there will also be a broadcast on road conditions in the English, German and Italian languages by HAK (from 18 June to 9 September 2007).
During the same period there will also be broadcasts every hour on the hour; news and reports on the condition of the roads are broadcast directly from the studios of: the Third Programme of Austrian Radio, RAI Uno, British Virgin Radio, Radio Prague and the International programme of Croatian Radio – Voice of Croatia. Once each day during the summer Radio Prague reporters inform their colleagues via regional radio stations: Radio Split, Radio Dubrovnik and Radio Rijeka.

Health services

While in Croatia tourist can benefit health services in clinics and hospitals. Citizens of the states, which have international agreements with Croatia, do not have to pay for health services. When asking for health service one has to submit the passport or any other ID.

Physians, Funtana, B.Borisija 2, tel. 445 002
Tourist clinic in Poreč, M. Gioseffija 2, tel. 451 611.
Does not operate on Sundays, except for ER.

Private Physicians

Dentist, dr. Marija Sekulić-đaković, Coki 90, Funtana, tel. 445 364
General practitioner, dr. Mirela Vozić-Bogović, B.Borisija 2, Funtana, tel. 445 002
General practitioner, dr. Mustafa Hasagić, Ograde 6, tel. 445 085
Doctors practice, Zeleni centar, Zelena laguna, tel. 453 002

Seasonal practices
Camping Valkanela, tel. 445 216
Hotel Delfin, Zelena laguna, tel. 451 311

Funtana, Istarska 37, tel. 441 392
Vrsar, Trg Degrassi, tel. 441 347
Poreč, Trg Slobode 2, tel. 432 362
Poreč, M. Gioseffija 2, tel. 434 950
Poreč, Kandlerova 1, tel. 432 526


Poreč, M. Vlašića bb, tel. 432 128 


Istarska kreditna banka Umag, Vrsar, Obala M. Tita 10, tel. 441 130
Laguna banka, Vrsar, Primorska 8, tel. 442 414


Exchange offices are placed in most of the hotels, camps and tourist agencies. Currency exchange according to official rate, but exchange offices take commission.

Postal services

Croatian post (HP) offers a variety of postal services: telegraph, fax, express mail, postal savings accounts etc. Direct telephone lines are provided through post offices, hotels, telephone booths by telephone cards that can be purchased in post offices or on newspaper stands.

Turistička zajednica općine Funtana

Bernarda Borisia 2

HR – 52452 Funtana

Tel. +385 52 445 119


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